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Practice Management Bridge

Practice Management Bridge®

Get paid quickly, easily, and safely.

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Practice Management Bridge® helps practices realize more revenue

Practice Management Bridge is a simple, safe, and secure payment platform for healthcare providers. This turnkey technology interfaces seamlessly with your current EHR system, allowing you to easily track, manage, report, and reconcile patient payment information.

  • Offers convenient, contactless payment solutions.
  • Expedites payments before, during, and after care.
  • Stores patient data in a reliable, secure backend.
  • Improves communication between practice and patients.
  • Interfaces seamlessly into any practice management system.
  • Replaces outdated processes with digital automation.
  • Allows for functionality to be leveraged across locations.
  • Implements quickly with easy, remote installation.

From digital registration to contactless payments, Practice Management Bridge is everything you need to enhance the patient experience. Saving time, money, and effort, its easy-to-use payment management and posting tools improve office efficiency and practice profitability.

Key Features 

Text to PayText-to-PayAllows patients to make online payments through text message links.

Contactless CapabilitiesContactless Capabilitiesinclude Apple Pay®, Google Pay™ and Samsung Pay® for touch-free payments.

Auto-postingAuto-postingEasily posts payments to the patient ledger in your practice management system.

Digital Patient RegistrationDigital Patient RegistrationLets patients fill out forms electronically before visits through a text or email link.

Card-on-fileCard-on-fileSafely stores preferred payment information for future charges.

Flexible Payment PlansFlexible Payment PlansMake financing manageable by offering smaller payments over time.

Online paymentsOnline paymentsAccept payments on practice websites and with links on emails or statements.

Customizable messagesCustomizable messagesSend patients reminders, outreach, billing notifications, and more via text message.

Practice Management Bridge is a registered trademark of Rectangle Health.