When the Stress of a Claim Is Overwhelming

We get it. Dealing with an allegation after you've done your best for your patient is emotionally stressful. There is even a term for this stress, it is called "litigation stress" or "Medical Malpractice Stress Syndrome (MMSS)."

The stress can manifest itself as: 

  • An inability to concentrate
  • An inability to cope with everyday tasks
  • Self-questioning of your overall clinical expertise

And, it can take a toll on:

  • Your relationship with your other patients
  • Your family
  • Your staff

We want to make sure you are coping with this stress. That is why we are now providing our policyholders with access to a professional emotional wellness counselor who will help them deal with the situation.

For more information, contact our Claims Advice Hotline.  

Reference: https://www.aana.com/docs/default-source/wellness-aana.com-web-documents-(all)/dealing-with-litigation-stress-syndrome.pdf?sfvrsn=6f2c4bb1_2

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