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GreenState Credit Union presents credit card processing to our members through Professional Solutions Financial Services.

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Save Money on Credit Card Processing

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GreenState Credit Union

Now GreenState Credit Union Members can take advantage of the lowest overall price guarantee on credit card processing, also known as the Professional Solutions Challenge.

Lowest Price Guarantee

With the Professional Solutions Challenge, we'll compare our low discount rates and fees to your current program. Simply send us your most recent credit card processing statement.  We'll analyze it and send you a no-obligation, side-by-side comparison showing the costs of your current program compared to ours.

If we can't save you money, we'll send you a $100 gift card to use anywhere major credit cards are accepted. There's no obligation to buy.

Program Benefits

  • Low rates - Unlike others who may quote artificially low rates, only to raise them later
  • No set-up costs or hidden fees – You'll know all the program details up-front
  • Fast & easy - Everything is handled over the phone and equipment is sent ready to use
  • Optimal profit retention since money stays in your account until month-end
  • New equipment – Choose from the latest terminals or we’ll reprogram your existing equipment
  • Other processing solutions – e-commerce, recurring, electronic checks, gift cards and more

Take the Challenge Right Now!

Over 13,000 small business owners have made the switch to Professional Solutions' program. Many started by taking this Challenge.

You can easily upload your current credit card processing statement from your computer or send it via email or fax.

Take the Challenge

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