Attract More Customers by Accepting Credit Cards

Imagine that you're dining out on a Saturday night at one of your favorite restaurants. Suddenly, the manager announces the credit card machine is broken. What would you do?

Imagine that you’re dining out on a Saturday night at one of your favorite restaurants. Suddenly, the manager announces that since their debit/credit card machine isn’t processing payments at the moment, everyone will have to pay with cash or by check. What would you do?

Good question.

There’s no doubt that this situation happens from time to time, leaving most of us to panic or run to the nearest ATM. Many of us rarely carry enough cash for a nice restaurant meal, let alone a cup of coffee. In today’s world, consumers expect to pay for their purchases with a credit or debit card. When they visit your business or office, they don’t really know (or care) about the charges you have to pay simply because you accept cards as a form of payment. In fact, the only things they do care about are the convenience and benefits of paying with plastic.

So why aren’t you accepting cards?

There are a surprising number of both urban and rural businesses that still choose to be “cash only” so they can better manage costs.

At some point, however, customers will choose to go somewhere they can swipe their card, because they don’t want the perceived inconvenience of carrying cash or writing a check. So being able to accept credit and debit payments is quickly becoming a necessary cost of doing business.

But those costs don’t have to be out of hand. With Professional Solutions Financial Services’ credit card processing solution, we work with you to efficiently manage your program. With our services, you can:

  • Help retain customers by offering the convenience of paying by credit card.
  • Keep more of your profits with a money-saving discount rate and reduced fees.
  • Reduce the administrative costs of billing and collections.
  • Accelerate cash flow, because funds from credit card payments are quickly deposited into your account.
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