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Protect your dental practice, employees, assets and reputation in the event of a malpractice allegation.

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Malpractice Coverage Options for Dentists

Our Professional Solutions family of companies has been working for and with dentists and healthcare professionals since 1946. When you choose Professional Solutions, you're backed by a claims philosophy centered on protecting our policyholders. Dentists who choose our malpractice coverage have an entire team dedicated to working on their behalf. From claims representatives to local attorneys, our team of knowledgeable individuals are dedicated to protecting you and your reputation.

Occurrence and Claims-Made

While there is no difference in the kind of injury or damages covered under these two plans, they differ in how and when coverage responds. 

Claims-Made policies provide coverage against claims for alleged incidents that both occur and are reported on or after the retroactive date and before the policy terminates. Potential coverage gaps may exist with a Claims-Made policy, so you may need to purchase additional coverage. Occurrence provides coverage for the policy year, regardless of when the claim is reported. 

Cyber Liability

Starting at a $50,000 aggregate limit for nine areas of coverage, our endorsement includes multimedia, network security and privacy, privacy regulatory defense and penalties, privacy breach/patient notification and credit monitoring expenses, network asset protection, cyber extortion, cyber terrorism, brand guard and PCI DSS assessment. (Cyber liability is not available in all states.)

Extended Reporting Coverage

This coverage is provided at no additional charge in the event of death or total and permanent disability or total retirement at age 55 after 5 years of continuous claims-made coverage with Professional Solutions. For policyholders with less than 5 years of continuous coverage with Professional Solutions who retire at or after age 55, a 20% extended reporting credit applies for each full year of continuous coverage.

Tail Coverage

An optional endorsement allows you to report claims for alleged injuries that occur while your claims-made policy was in force but after it has ended.

Professional Entity Coverage

This option offers coverage for your corporation or professional entity. We offer the option of sharing the limits of your personal malpractice insurance policy with your entity or purchasing separate limits for an additional premium.

Government Proceedings Defense Costs

The Professional Solutions Policy covers your defense up to $25,000 for state dental licensing proceedings and Quality Improvement Organization Sanction proceedings.

Consent to Settle

Your voice matters. No case is ever settled without your written consent, giving you full say in settlements. There are no policy conditions penalizing you if you choose not to consent to settle.

Dental Policy Limits and Discounts

Policy discounts are available for remaining claims-free, working part-time hours and for new graduates. We offer policy limit ranges from $100,000/$300,000 to $2,000,000/$4,000,000. Check with a Professional Solutions-appointed agent or contact us to discuss availability in your state.

Solid Claims Defense

Solid Claims Defense for Malpractice Allegations

It's important to choose a carrier you can trust for your dental practice — one that understands the specific malpractice risks associated with dentists.

  • Incidents vs. Claims. No claim file is opened if you call with a question or situation you’re unsure of. We only open a claim file if it’s necessary, such as if a suit is filed or a patient demands payment in writing. This means you receive sound guidance — and the opportunity to keep your claims-free status.
  • Claims Experts. Each member of our experienced claims team has years of experience handling healthcare malpractice claims. One individual will serve as your primary point of contact, working closely with you to respond to your needs quickly.
  • Best Defense Attorneys.  Professional Solutions assures all available resources necessary are used to defend our policyholders, from experienced defense counsel skilled in handling your defense of a malpractice claim to the best expert witnesses.

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How to Apply for Dental Malpractice Insurance


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Please have your current Declarations Page and all licensure information available, including a copy of each active state license and certification you hold and any certifications for advanced trainings.

Agents and Brokers

  1. Choose your application.
  2. Complete, print and sign the application.
  3. Send it in: 

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