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Professional Solutions' Merchant Portal

Batches and Transactions and Statements, Oh My!

As a business owner, you want access to your credit card processing information when it fits your schedule. At Professional Solutions Financial Services, we understand. That's why we created the Professional Solutions Merchant Portal to give you around-the-clock access.

Where to Go

Visit The first time, you’ll need to register. After that, simply sign in with your email address and login.

What You’ll Find

Your account information:

  • Batch details and totals
  • Transactions for the last six months
  • Statements for the last 18 months

Helpful resources:

  • Quick reference guides specific to your terminal
  • Videos to walk you through how to set up your terminal, run a sale, void a transaction, print a receipt, and more

$100 Referral Bonus Program:

  • Learn how you can earn up to $1,000 for 10 credit card processing referrals

Access My Merchant Portal

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