Credit card processing offers convenience for you and your customers.

Should I Accept Credit Cards?

Do you regularly leave home without a credit or debit card in your wallet? If you said no, you're in good company - 675 million people in the United States alone carry an American Express, Discover, Visa or Mastercard.

Today, most patients who walk through your door will expect to be able to pay using a card. Some new patients may even have second thoughts about your practice or view you as out-of-touch if you don't accept Visa and Mastercard at the minimum. In fact, nearly a third of Americans don't make a single cash purchase throughout the course of an entire week.

If you’re already experiencing success by limiting customers to cash or check payments only, you may be put off by the costs of merchant services -- typically a percentage of each transaction. But the benefits and advantages of accepting credit cards far outweigh the fees.


  • Expands your customer base
  • More convenient for customers
  • Reduce non-payment losses
  • Spend less time invoicing
  • Cost savings from no longer sending bills and reminders
  • Improved customer service
  • Receive customer payments immediately - not months after providing services
  • Funds will transferred to your bank account in mere days, an important consideration for newer businesses that need cash flow

It's easy to get overwhelmed by your credit card processing choices. There are hundreds of options, sales pitches can be confusing (and tiring), and some providers can be too aggressive about winning your business. Even if you've been accepting credit cards, it’s always smart to stay informed so you can make comparisons and ensure you're getting competitive pricing.

Whether you're new to offering credit card processing to your customers or just want to compare notes, we invite you to check out the benefits of the Professional Solutions Credit Card Processing program.

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