A credit card processing machine that accepts cryptocurrency.

Ready to Accept Cryptocurrency?

Professional Solutions Can Help

Cryptocurrency seems to be here to stay - and that means more customers are using it as everyday currency. Professional Solutions makes it easy to accept crypto payments - here's how.

You can’t escape hearing about cryptocurrency in the news. You may have already used it for purchases, or perhaps you’ve invested in it.

As a business owner, it presents a new opportunity – another payment option for your customers. Even  if cryptocurrency isn’t on your radar otherwise, it’s important to consider it in terms of your business.

You want to make it easy for your customers to pay for services and goods however it’s convenient for them. If they start asking about cryptocurrency as an option, you want to be prepared.

Professional Solutions Can Help

The good news is, Professional Solutions is ready to help you accept cryptocurrency payments. The process is similar to how you accept credit cards. Whether you use a credit card terminal, payment form, invoice or shopping cart, it’s a realistic, no-hassle option for your customers. Plus, there are no chargebacks!


We work with NetCents to easily integrate cryptocurrency payments into your business. It’s basically like a virtual terminal or payment gateway. As long as you have internet access, you’re able to use it.

NetCents allows your customers to choose from popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and more. One important thing to note is you don’t have to receive the payment as cryptocurrency. You can choose to accept it as US dollars that go right into your account.

You just may be surprised how easy it is for both face-to-face and online transactions.

Face-to-Face Transactions

As long as your patient has a crypto wallet set up on their smartphone, it’s a painless process.

  • Countertop Terminal – If you prefer a terminal, we do have an option compatible with cryptocurrency. All you have to do is open the NetCents app, and you’re ready to accept the cryptocurrency payment. 
  • Smartphone, Browser or Tablet – If you need to accept payments outside of your business, or want another face-to-face option, you can use a smartphone, browser or tablet.

Online Transactions

Your customers don’t have to be in your business to pay with cryptocurrency. They can pay their bill or buy items from you online.

  • Shopping Cart/Payment Form - If your business has an online presence with a payment form or shopping cart, accepting cryptocurrency is as easy as a credit card. Patients simply choose the cryptocurrency option and follow the prompts, as explained in this video. 
  • Invoice - From your dashboard, you can create an invoice to send to your customer. When they open the invoice, there will be a QR code for them to scan. That’s when the customer takes out their smartphone with the crypto wallet to pay with their preferred cryptocurrency.  

Call for Details

We’re here to help you navigate payment solutions that benefit your business and customers. Now is the ideal time to learn more about accepting cryptocurrency.

Whether you’re just curious and have questions or are ready to get started, give us a call at 800-232-2791. We are your payment processing one-stop shop!

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The credit card processing program is administered through Professional Solutions Financial Services, a registered trademark and division of NCMIC Finance Corporation. NCMIC Finance Corporation has made cryptocurrency payment processing services available to you through NetCents. To process cryptocurrency payments, you must sign up for an account with NetCents. The settlement of all cryptocurrency payments will be handled directly by NetCents. NCMIC Finance Corporation and NetCents are separate companies, are not agents of one another, and have no authority to bind one another to financial or other contractual obligations.

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