A dentist documents a treatment to help avoid a claim.

Avoid a Dental Malpractice Claim


Welcome to our "Take Five" series. These are five to-the-point, takeaway actions that apply to every practice, every day to help reduce the chance of a claim. They are a result of conversations with claim representatives and defense counsel and focus on: you and your practice, you and your patients, documentation, and sticky situations.

Mitigate Risk

This "Take Five" article offers the following tips on documentation that are designed to help you reduce the chance of a malpractice allegation:

  1. Document care provided in as much detail as possible, including communication with the patient and other providers.
  2. Always document informed consent and informed refusal discussions in detail for every procedure.
  3. Take time to include narrative descriptions to electronic records systems; details are important.
  4. Make sure to document treatment of staff and relatives in the same manner you would any other patient.
  5. Maintain a team approach and good working relationships with other providers.

If you have questions about these documentation tips, please call Claims Services at 800-640-6504.

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