Physicians discussing records transfers.

Requests for Records

Six Things You Need to Get Right

Requests for records or forwarding records for referrals can open a can of worms. It is important that everything goes “right.”

Requests for records can happen for many reasons, from a claims-related issue or simply a transfer to a different office. But whether the request comes from an attorney, a patient or another doctor, it’s important to make sure you give records requests the proper time and attention to make sure everything goes smoothly. Consider these six things you need to get right when sending information.

  • Right Information: So the treatment can be rendered efficiently and effectively
  • Right Patient Authorization: To prevent HIPAA violations
  • Right Provider: Verify the receiver of the information (especially if the new provider is part of a multi-provider organization)
  • Right Records: Confirm that the correct requested records and images are being sent
  • Right Delivery Method: Confirm how the request designated the records to be sent (digitally, email, etc.)
  • Right Destination: Confirm the address (email or physical) to where the records are to be sent

Finally, document your records of what was sent to whom and when.

For more details around how to properly execute each “right," read “Know the ‘Rights’ for Accepting Patient Records” from For the Record magazine.