Have You and Your Staff Prepared for a Fire?

In the moment, avoiding panic is easier said than done. Building “muscle memory,” however, has shown to increase the odds of successfully handling any situation including a fire.

Build your office team’s muscle memory by holding fire drills at least twice per year. Some fire drills can be announced while others can be unannounced. Modify the sample checklist below to determine where you and your staff might need some extra training to keep safe. Consult your local fire department for additional advice on safety precautions, training and holding fire drills.

Person discovering “fire flag”:____________________________________

Time to complete drill: _________________________________________

Mark the following Y, N or N/A:

  • Was fire signal audible?
  • Were employees aware of the location of the closest fire alarm pull station?
  • Were patients evacuated promptly, safely and without undue panic?
  • Did employees check restrooms, close doors/windows and call roll after the evacuation?
  • Was the posted evacuation route used?
  • Did staff meet at the designated site outside the office?
  • Were the office doors and windows closed?
  • Were fire extinguishers charged in in working order?
  • Did a staff member meet and direct the emergency response team?
  • Were patient records protected?
  • Did the staff act as a team?





Corrective action taken: __________________________________________________________________________________