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Checklists: Emergency Preparations for Yourself and Your Business

These printable checklists will put you on the path to preparedness.

Whether it’s COVID-19 or another emergency, it can be daunting to know how to prepare yourself, your loved ones and your business. These helpful checklists prepared by Dr. Karen Konarski-Hart can serve as great foundations for both personal preparations and crisis planning for your business.

“Are You Prepared for an Emergency” addresses health history, important items, medications, daily essentials and money. Think of it as the base for other steps you might want (or need) to take to be prepared whether it’s for a pandemic, fire, or other disaster.   

“Crisis and Communication Plan for Your Business” will help you answer tough questions and make decisions about your business and patients. This plan addresses each of your audiences, including patients, partners, employees and vendors, who will have different questions. It also outlines key documents, decision making and important contacts. 

Whether you’re dealing with a pandemic, a fire or another situation, having plans in place can prove to be a helpful start to dealing with stressful circumstances. 

For more advice from Dr. Konarski-Hart, listen to our free webinar, Seeing Patients in the Time of COVID-19

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