Will My Professional Liability Coverage Respond to COVID-19 Related Claims?

Your policy is subject to applicable terms and conditions, but it is our intent to cover allegations of malpractice related to COVID-19.

An important question on the minds of many of our policyholders is, "Will my professional liability (malpractice) coverage respond to COVID-19 related claims which may arise in the future?"

Generally, your professional liability (malpractice) policy provides coverage for professional services which were rendered, or which should have been rendered that are within the scope of your license. It is PSIC's intent to cover allegations of malpractice related to COVID-19. Your policy, like all insurance contracts, is subject to applicable terms and conditions. Ultimately, any coverage determination will be based on the specific facts and allegations of the claim.

As an insured with PSIC, we recommend you follow all CDC/HHS/local health authority guidelines currently in place. The guidelines are there for safety reasons. Not following the guidelines puts all involved at greater risk and should be avoided. If you are being pressured to not follow the guidelines, there is the possibility of creating allegations of intentional harm or conscious disregard, which could put you at a greater risk of non-coverage and, if coverage is applicable, a greater difficulty of defending you.

Your claims and risk management/patient safety team is here to help you be prepared and to practice confidently during this time. We have been working together to address issues as they are received. Continue to watch our website for updates. For questions, reach out to us either via email or phone: 800-718-1007, ext. 9052.

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