Posting Medical Pictures Online? Think Twice Before Hitting Send

It is not uncommon for pictures of patients to be posted on social media channels and websites. Should these photos showcase patients in your dental practice, you could face the possibility of a HIPAA complaint or violation.

An article in Dentisty IQ, Selfies, videos, and social media: Dancing with HIPAA regulation dangers in dental practices, confirms the need to use caution when it comes to social media.


The article made me stop and think about all of the pictures of patients that are posted on social media channels and websites. Could there be a possible HIPAA complaint or violation in posting some of these pictures?

Does your office have a patient and staff policy regarding posting pictures or videos in your office? If not, you should.

Additionally, you should check to see if your malpractice insurance or cyber policy covers you for this type of exposure in case there is a violation. The PSIC dental policy has a network and privacy proceeding endorsement that includes coverage for security and privacy liability.

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