Taboo Interview Questions versus Alternative Interview Questions

Dental interviews bring up the topic of what questions a hiring dentist can and cannot ask during an interview. It is important that hiring dentists know the appropriate questions to ask and to ask all applicants the same questions.

Here are some taboo interview questions:

  • Do you have any medical/physical conditions that would prohibit you from doing the job description?

  • How many sick days did you take last year?

  • What is your nationality?

  • What religious holidays do you observe?

  • How old are you?

  • How long do you think you will be working?

  • Do you have any or plan to have any children?

  • Can you get a babysitter on short notice to cover if needed?

  • Do you live nearby?

  • Are you a member of the National Guard or Reserves?

On the other hand, here are some legal, alternative questions to help hiring dentists gather the desired information while avoiding taboo questions:

  • Are you able to perform the job description with or without reasonable accommodations?

  • How many days of work did you miss last year?

  • What languages do you read, speak, or write fluently?

  • Are you able to work with our required schedule?

  • Are you over the age of 18?

  • What are your long term career goals?

  • Are you available to work our normal business hours or work over time if needed? (Assuming open late and/or Saturdays)

  • You will be required to cover for a fellow employee on short notice.  Is this a problem for you?

  • Are you able to start work at 8am?

  • Do you have any upcoming events that would require extensive time away from work?

When interviewing individuals for your dental practice, it’s important to ask all applicants the same questions. Bring a copy of your questions, along with the candidates resume, so you can take notes during the interview.

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