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The Benefits of Personalized Risk Assessments

Have you ever wondered what a personalized risk assessment (PRA) might do for you and your practice?

Have you ever wondered what a personalized risk assessment (PRA) might do for you and your practice? A personalized risk assessment consists of the following:

  • Identifying documentation and communication deficiencies
  • Assessing your EHR workflow
  • Determining your risk tolerance level

When you complete a personalized risk assessment, you may qualify for a premium discount, depending on your overall PRA score.

A practice manager of a family practice office recently wrote the following after completing their PRA:

“We have been working hard to thoroughly and consistently document telephone calls in our EHR. Some staff or providers documented little and others in great detail. It was great to participate in a random audit that showed staff and providers complying with better call documentation standards we rolled out last year. They listened and we are all now on the same page with consistently documenting all pertinent call details.

You showed our practice great tools to make call documentation and closing the loop of patient notification easier for our practice. Thank you!”

If we haven’t visited your practice already, we hope to see you next year. The PRA is a very simple process that may qualify you for a premium discount.

Preparing for your PRA

To prepare for your PRA and what to expect, read this document. You can request a Personalized Risk Assessment from PSIC at any time, and a risk manager will contact you to schedule an appointment.

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