Human Resources Tips for the Office

When conducting Personalized Risk Assessments (PRAs), I'm frequently asked by practice managers and providers what type of human resources processes and policies they should have in place.

Regardless of the number of employees or your specialty, I recommend the following policies/protocols:

  1. Create job descriptions for all positions.This helps avoid confusion about employee roles and responsibilities.
  2. Verify certificates and/or licenses for all employees. Outline a written process to verify annually. Keep copies of these documents on file.
  3. Check references before hiring. After all, a candidate will not tell you if they lost their job because they stole medications or embezzled funds.
  4. Identify the training process and expectations for all new employees. Create a checklist of items each employee must become familiar with in your practice.
  5. Conduct an equipment orientation process. Document and monitor use of any equipment to ensure high safety standards.
  6. Perform employee evaluations annually or more frequently. Share with employees how they can improve and highlight tasks they perform well.
  7. Create an employee grievance process. Promote open communication within your practice.

For more information about our PRAs, click here.

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