Risk Management Resources and Webinars for Dentists

At Professional Solutions, our goal is to provide our dental policyholders with the knowledge, skills and tools to enhance productivity, improve patient safety, reduce practice risks and help avoid claims. Risk management is an integral part of a dental practice, and we believe that risk management solutions should meet the unique needs of our dentists.

We offer a variety of risk management resources to help dentists and other office staff be aware of issues and stay up to date on the latest information and risks. We are proud to have a staff of certified risk managers at your disposal who can offer assistance, in addition to a wealth of information available at your fingertips.

Through our risk management resources, you’ll find:

  • Proactive quality improvement assistance
  • Review of policies and procedures
  • Evaluation of potentially risky scenarios
  • Extensive newsletters, online articles, sample forms and policies, and more


Continued risk management education is important, and Professional Solutions is dedicated to keeping our policyholders informed. That’s why we offer complimentary online webinars for dentists and other office staff. In the ever-changing world of technology and cyber security, our webinars offer up-to-date information on how dental staff can protect themselves, their practice and their patients. These one-hour webinars cover current healthcare-related topics, and are available for dentists and other staff to view.

If you ever have any questions about risk management and other related topics, please contact us at 844-208-7847 or email