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Preferred Card

More Rewards for Your Dollar

9.99% APR + Prime

With the MilesAway® Preferred card, you’ll enjoy: 

  • A low introductory APR of 0% on purchases for 6 months
  • After the first 6 months, receive a low, ongoing APR of 9.99% + Prime

Earn 1.5 Reward Points per Dollar Spent

When you earn even more points per dollar with MilesAway Preferred, the rewards can add up quickly. But even if they don’t, there’s no hurry — your reward points never expire, so you can accumulate them as long as you want.

Low Annual Fee

While other business credit cards charge an annual fee of $95 or more, ours is just $75 — and it can be waived after you spend $3,000.*

Cards Designed with You in Mind

Find the Card Right for Me     Apply for a MilesAway Credit Card

*$3,000 must be spent on your MilesAway credit card within each anniversary year

The MilesAway program is administered by Professional Solutions Financial Services, a registered trademark and division of NCMIC Finance Corporation, the card issuer. MilesAway is a registered trademark of NCMIC Finance Corporation. Other trademarks referenced are the property of their respective owners.

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