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Webinar Series

Webinar Series for Dentists

Keeping Perspective: A Balancing Act for 2021 

Free 3-Part Webinar Series

What do these things have in common?

  • The blurred lines between work and home
  • Thriving in changing times
  • Self-care
  • Stress management
  • Mental health

They’re all part of keeping your perspective in 2021. 

Part 1: Adjusting Your Altitude to Thrive in Changing Times

Changes due to COVID-19 have impacted how work is performed and blurred the line separating work and home. Explore how the best leaders think holistically about their role and possess the unique ability to adjust their altitude and perspective.

Part 1 webinar and speaker details

Time: 1 hour
Speaker: Chick Herbert

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Part 2: Self-care & Managing Stress for Healthcare Providers

This webinar will highlight the mental health risks and challenges posed by the pandemic. We will discuss practical behavioral and lifestyle strategies that can be helpful in managing chronic stress for both healthcare providers and the patients they serve. 

Part 2 webinar and speaker details

Time: 1 hour
Speaker: Craig N. Sawchuk, PhD, ABPP

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Part 3: Becoming a Mental Health Champion

Leveraging current research and best practices combined with Sarah Noll Wilson's personal experience with mental health illness as a person and a leader, Sarah will guide a conversation on what it means to be a champion who supports mental health.

Part 3 webinar and speaker details

Time: 1 hour
Speaker: Sarah Noll Wilson

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