Top 10 Risk Areas: How Does Your Practice Stack Up?

It’s easy to assume that malpractice lawsuits arise from major mistakes or gross negligence. But statistics show that most cases stem from simple oversights and common errors that could be prevented.

The following Practice-Saving Checklist can help you quickly pinpoint malpractice weaknesses in your practice. It’s an easy guideline to help you evaluate your current procedures and implement simple solutions to dramatically lower your risk of a lawsuit.

1. Do your records provide a comprehensive patient history documenting your interaction with the patient and facilitating the continuity of care if another provider intervenes?
2. Do you regularly use informed consent forms for all invasive procedures?
3. Is your practice HIPAA compliant?
4. Do you have a process for handling medical emergencies in your office?
5. When terminating a physician/patient relationship, do you notify patients in writing?
6. Do you consistently create patient records at the time of treatment?
7. Do you review patient records from other providers before treatment?
8.Do you utilize a tracking system to know when tests or consults are ordered, received and ultimately communicated to the patient?
9. Is there a system in place for triaging and documenting phone calls?
10. Are there protocols in place for staff to follow in handling a disgruntled or angry patient?

You may want to speak with a risk manager about any items you marked “no.” Our experienced risk managers can help you assess your situation and suggest solutions you may want to implement to help minimize risk.

Call the Risk Management Hotline at 1-888-336-2642 or contact us via email.