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Physician Webinar Series

Webinar Series

Keeping Perspective: A Balancing Act for 2021 

What do these things have in common?

  • The blurred lines between work and home
  • Adjusting your altitude
  • Self-care
  • Stress management
  • Mental health

They’re all part of keeping your perspective in 2021. We are excited to present a free three-part webinar series that will discuss this balancing act.

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Part 1: Adjusting Your Altitude to Thrive in Changing Times

  • Time: 1 hour
  • Speaker: Chick Herbert
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Changes due to COVID-19 have profoundly impacted how work is performed and blurred the line separating work and home. While some struggled to adjust, others quickly adapted and demonstrated the unique ability to deliver outstanding results while keeping perspective and facing new obstacles.

In this webinar, we will explore how the best leaders think holistically about their role and possess the unique ability to adjust their altitude and perspective to the situation at hand.

About Chick Herbert

Currently the Sr. Vice President of Enterprise Organizational Development at NCMIC, Herbert has nearly 30 years of experience as an executive business leader, independent consultant, speaker and executive coach. He is the co-author of It Begs the Question – Learn How the Best Managers Drive Performance Through Question-Centric Coaching.

Part 2: Self-care & Managing Stress for Healthcare Providers During COVID-19

  • Time: 1 hour
  • Speaker: Craig N. Sawchuk, PhD, ABPP
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Stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia are all too common in healthcare providers these days – it’s normal to not feel normal at this time. As we gain optimism from the development of COVID therapeutics and the initial roll-out of the vaccines, the stressors, losses, and uncertainties remain.

This webinar will highlight the mental health risks and challenges posed by the pandemic. We will discuss practical behavioral and lifestyle strategies that can be helpful in managing chronic stress for both healthcare providers and the patients they serve. Furthermore, we will review step-care options when more formal mental health interventions are warranted.

About Dr. Craig Sawchuk

Dr. Sawchuk is a professor of psychology, co-chair of the Division of Integrated Behavioral Health, and co-chair of Clinical Practice within the Department of Psychiatry and Psychology at Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN. His current clinical and research interests include the dissemination and evaluation of evidence-based models of care for anxiety and depression in primary care settings, including adaptations to care delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Part 3: Becoming a Mental Health Champion for Yourself & Others

  • Time: 1 hour
  • Speaker: Sarah Noll Wilson
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Right now, all of us are experiencing significant levels of prolonged exposure to stress, resulting in higher levels of mental health challenges. People are reporting higher levels of fatigue, difficulty sleeping, losing track of time, memory issues and irritability.

Mental health impacts our physical health, productivity, ability to innovate, how we connect to others, and most importantly it impacts how we see ourselves. To truly support our own and other’s wellbeing, we need to understand the beautiful complexity of what it means to be human even when and especially when it comes to mental health.

Leveraging current research and best practices combined with her personal experience with mental health illness as a person and a leader, Sarah will guide a conversation on what it means to be a champion who supports mental health.

About Sarah Noll Wilson

As an Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, Transformer of Teams, Researcher, and soon-to-be author, Wilson helps people close the gap between what they intend to do and the actual impact they make. She focuses on the true and evolutionary behavior of relationships and specializes in building, rebuilding, and healing.

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